After over 20 years of in depth study, practice and sharing yoga, Gina brings a unique style of yoga to the community.  Seated in hatha, tantra and more contemporary practices such a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Gina guides students into poses that transform old patterns held in the body. She gently and lovingly guides individuals to open into one’s True Self… one’s pure essence.

  • Move safely into yoga postures for an outcome of optimal health and healing
  • Release old patterns held in your body
  • Receive a custom designed flow of postures for your individual needs
  • Learn in the privacy of a one on one session
  • Restorative and strenuous options available for groups and private sessions
  • Gina has a traditional Hatha background, having extensively studied forms such as Ashtanga, Kripalu, Kundalini, Standing Wave, Anusara, Shambhava and more

Gina has created podcasts with photos of poses called Self Love: A Guided Visualization and Gentle and Restorative Asana Flows, which can be downloaded for free by signing up for our mailing list.

She shares Yoga world wide, and in her private studio in Crestone, Colorado. Gina is a certified yoga instructor, yoga therapist & Yoga Alliance registered teacher trainer, specializing in the Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga for injury, illness, pre- and post-natal, immobility, surgery recovery and emotional healing.

Private Qigong Instruction

Qigong is a gentle healing movement practice that is part of the system of Chinese Medicine. Qigong balances energy within the body for optimal health and assists the practitioner in experiencing their full potential. Gina has been practicing qigong for 10 years as a way to balance the energy generated in tantra practices, as well as to heal her own health concerns. She has found it extremely helpful in managing the challenging symptoms of perimenopause, as well to slow her down in a fast paced culture, so she can remain cancer free. Gina has been breast cancer free for 8 years. Gina has been mentored by Ann Carroll for 6 years in Qigong and Chinese Medicine.  Ann Carroll is the student of Ken Cohen, who is the author of the well known book The Way of QiGong. Gina is certified to teach Level II Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong by Daisy Lee. 

  • Learn Qigong Organ Clearing for Optimal Health & Protection
  • Practice Primordial Qigong to draw new energy into your body for healing & longevity
  • Discover the ancient animal frolics, first developed by Chinese shamans, to internalize our natural rhythm
  • Learn Qigong walking meditations for energy balance, centering & contemplation
  • Add Taoist meditations to your daily practice for energy balance and clarity

Yoga and Qigong Instruction Rates

In-Person, Phone, Skype or Zoom Yoga and Qigong Instruction Rates: $65 per hour. 
Buy 4 sessions in advance and receive 10% off!
$17 per person for group classes (4 person minimum, 75 minutes). 
Negotiable for Day and Weekend retreats. Fully Insured.

Qigong Classes in Crestone, CO

Qigong for Energy Balance & Nourishing Qi

Wednesdays, 4:30 - 5:30am / April 19 - May 10

Shape shift and embody nature with Qigong animal frolics. We will practice a primordial qigong series to nourish our life force energy known as qi.  Gina will also share energy balancing exercises to support the bodies' response to the seasons, the energy vortex, holidays and life events. We will also practice qigong and lymphatic self massage, sitting, walking and lying down meditations and other practices to nourish qi and improve health and vitality.  When weather permits, we will do the movement portion of the class outdoors, so dress accordingly.  No experience necessary.  Modifications and options are provided for physical needs.

$10 per class drop in
Class Package:  $35 for 4 classes paid in advance
Crestone, Colorado
Preregistration is requested.  Call in advance to drop in: 719.345.6007

Women's Body Temple: Qigong for Women's Reproductive Health & Sexual Vitality

Thursdays 9:30 - 10:30am / begins March 9, 2017

This practice brings balance to the female reproductive organs and hormones.  It also increases overall health and sexual vitality.  For men, Qigong is meant to transform jing (sexual energy) into shen (spiritual energy) and qi (life-force).  Women's Qigong balances qi, shen and jing.  Raised in a yang society, women seek this balance.  Embody the divine feminine with a circle of women as we share movement, breath, meditation, prayer and song.  No experience is necessary.  You may choose to journal as you practice this form.  When weather permits (above freezing and sunny), we may do some movements outdoors, so dress accordingly.  No experience necessary.  Modifications and options are provided for physical needs.


"Gina is an exceptional role model and teacher of yoga and natural healing. She is devoted to healing and personal transformation and gently invites us to join her on the path. Gina guides us to deep places of self-discovery and acceptance, where healing happens and wholeness is restored. Like “water that wears away rock,” Gina’s yoga instruction dissolves physical, emotional, and energetic barriers to being healthy, joyful and fully alive. Her teaching is a gift!." Mary Anne Bright, EdD, APRN, BC Professor Emerita University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Author, “Holistic Health and Healing”

"Gina does an excellent job of creating a contemplative climate to practice a variety of challenging, yet often playful asanas. Her clear, calm voice easily guides yogis through practice sessions that provide inner calmness and clarity, while building physical strength and flexibility." - Sara Weinberger, MSW Professor of Social Work