Tantra Instruction for Couples with Gina, or Gina & John Rene

In a private, sacred and confidential setting learn tantra practices including movement, breathing exercises, sound meditation and touch. We will share practices that improve communication skills and deepen intimacy. Experience new levels of expansion within yourself, while deepening your connection with your partner.

Tantra is a breath, movement, meditation and lifestyle practice that opens the chakras or energy centers in the body, and balances the energy within.

When this balance occurs within, one can experience moments of enlightenment, Oneness, or a connection with The Divine.

When practiced regularly, tantra practices can create an opening in the chakra system that allows the kundalini energy to awaken and heal the body.

This energy can also be generated during love making and, when guided, can provide energy based orgasms. Orgasm transmutation is a skill that is developed in these practices as a way to conserve energy (prana, life force).

Tantra serves many, as a way to create a spiritual or sacred connection with yourself and your partner.  It also allows those with sexual challenges to experience ecstasy and increase self esteem in relationship.

Rate: Gina or Gina & John Rene as guides: $175, 90 minute session


Want to learn more?

Listen to Gina being interviewed on the podcast The Adult Chair about cultivating Intimacy in your relationship with Tantra practices!

Check out Gina's "Why Tantra?" article!


"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend. My wife, said the weekend was “perfect” and she enjoyed the tantra session very much. It was the highlight of our weekend. You two did a very good job introducing it to us, and it helped us to connect more deeply than we had in a long while." - Couple from Boston area

"It is difficult to get healthy guidance on love and sex health in India, even here. In India, sex is mostly for reproduction and stress relief.  In our teenage years, the romantic energy came naturally. Now, we are aware that we need to take responsibility to maintain our sex health. Having support between male and female energy to attain self-realization is revolutionary.  We both are creating sacred space and doing breathing exercises whenever we get a chance." - Mahesh and Kaarthika, NJ



Introduction to Tantra as an Individual Practice

This is a digital download of Introduction to Tantra (Sacred Sexuality) as an Individual Practice from YogaHub’s 2nd Annual Virtual World Yoga Conference!   $29.00


They are available for private classes, workshops and couples retreats in their unique specialty and location. There may be one near you or your vacation destination!