Teacher Trainings & Immersion Program

teacher-trainings We offer both group and private tantra study options.  For more information on tantra private study options scroll to the bottom of this page.

TantratoLove™ Lifestyle Immersion  + 60 hr. Educator Certification Program

tantra-communityImmersion week: Sept. 27 – Oct. 2, 2015, Nine Mountain, Plainfield, MA

Open to all, individuals, couples, all sexual orientations & genders.

Immersion + Teacher Training Weekend: Sept. 27 – Oct. 4, 2015, Nine Mountain, Plainfield, MA

Tantra becomes a lifestyle when practiced in community.

*Embody an extended practice of movement, meditation, sound and breath. *Share partner yoga, sacred touch and exercises that deepen intimacy and promote clear & loving communication. *This tantra immersion program is designed to provide a focused solo or couples immersion in the tantra arts, so that tantra becomes a lifestyle.



Suggested professional development for health practitioners, yoga instructors, yoga therapists, mental health counselors, therapists, sex educators & massage therapists.

Relax ~ Restore ~ Expand ~ Be

No yoga or qigong experience required. We share gentle to moderate movement. Modifications are provided for all abilities. 

* * *We ask that all students planning to share the yoga, qigong and sacred sexuality techniques taught in the immersion program also enroll in the certification program* * *

Immersion Week: $1080

Immersion Week + Teacher Training Weekend: $1450

Includes tuition, dorm room & meals.  A limited number of private rooms available for couples only  on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

* * *Apply by January 1st, 2015 for 10% off * * *

* * *Applications and Full Tuition Due June 1, 2015 * * *

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(a limited number of payment plans and trades considered upon request)

60 hr. Educator Certification

Laken_TrevorThose choosing to receive a 60 hr. Tantra to Love™ Educator Certificate, will learn:

*The science and methodology behind teaching a tantra yoga and qigong flows that gently awakens kundalini energy *How to create comfort and ease among your students when sharing sacred sexuality techniques. *Teaching skills that access all learning styles *How to facilitate and hold a sacred container for the transformation that takes place when practicing Tantra. *Develop therapeutic awareness & skills for guiding those with cultural, sexual orientation & gender differences, as well as sexual challenges or concerns

For FAQs read on below.  For additional questions contact Tantra to Love™ at info@tantratolove.com or 207.632.6698.


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“I am grateful to be on a path that is congruent with my heart…and for the connections I have made with many beautiful others.” ~Isaiah

“I was able to connect with myself and others on an honest level of communication that I was able to take into my daily life, which has helped me to be more present with my relations to others: friends, family, acquaintances, clients. Gratitude fills my heart for having the opportunity to experience TantratoLove™ classes. ~ Lillian, Portland, Maine

“I have experienced healing from old wounds of the past, allowing me to move forward with greater understanding of my own healing, as well as creating space for greater trust in others.” ~ Whitley “Nabintu” Marhsall

“Gina & Rene create a safe and sacred space in which they can lead you to healing without judgement” ~ Anonymous

“TantratoLove™ allows for the deepening of intimate relationships through sacred practice and open communication techniques.” ~ David Marshall, Artist, Portland, Maine

“TantratoLove™ has forever changed my life and all the ways I connect with people in every way. So grateful for this amazing experience!” ~ Jaya Devi, Yoga Instructor, Maine

“Rene and Gina really seem willing to give of them selves, taking time to explain and communicate concepts. I will recommend this program to anyone seriously interested in becoming more open and able to communicate in a physical way. ” ~Nate Reed

“The class supported exploration of boundaries and fears and was gentle and reinforced. Gina and Rene’s direct encouragement to move and breathe into the moment allowed halts to fall away. The experience was one of being stretched as a sensual body and as a spiritual being. ” ~Robina D-Arcy-Fox, Healer/Teacher, Wild Honey Healing Arts

“I’ve taken many other programs and workshops and this was the best for learning ways to bring tantra into your life as a way to live. Gina and Rene not only teach, but also show by their actions, how to live a tantra lifestyle.” ~Dave Brower, Life Student of Tantra, Somatic and Energy Bodywork

“Gentle enough for any level, even those new to yoga… or who have physical limitations. A nice introduction to energy concepts.” ~ L.W.

“This is applicable to all areas of my life, not just partnership. I have grown and matured, gained confidence, and grown in spiritual practice and openness. Thank you so much. ~ Isaiah Bickford, Spiritual Student and Advisor

“TantratoLove™ is an excellent program for those wishing to deepen their connection to all that is…” ~ Anonymous

Private Tantra Teacher Trainings

Custom Design your own Self study program that meets your personal growth and professional intentions.


60 hr. TantratoLove™ Educator Certificate (10 + private sessions suggested, may include attending an Intro to Tantra retreat) Prerequisite: 3 day or week long Intro to Tantra to Love™ Retreat or equivalent by attending a series of regional Tantra to Love™ workshops &/or private sessions. Practice breathing techniques, movement, meditation, sacred touch (basic massage), communication skills and techniques for deepening intimacy. Participants are encouraged to begin a regular solo tantra practice and complete home play assignments. Students will also facilitate an intro level 45 minute sample class and receive feedback. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions or other forms of emotional healing may be suggested to clear blockages in chakra system.

60 hr. Advanced TantratoLove™ Certificate (10 + private sessions, may include attending a Retreat, Masters Class or assisting for an Intro Retreat after attending once.) Practice advanced breathing techniques, movement, meditation, sacred touch (massage & yoga therapy stretches), communication skills and even deeper ways to connect. Students maintain a regular solo tantra practice and complete homeplay assignments. Participants will also facilitate an advanced level 45 minute sample class and receive feedback. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions or other forms of emotional healing may be suggested to clear blockages in chakra system. The 60 hr. Tantra to Love™ Educator Certificate or equivalent is a prerequisite for this course. Receive Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units or Course Credit based on your college guidelines

To receive a 60 hr. Tantra to Love™ Educator Certificate, 60 hours of tantra instruction, practice and assigned reading is required. (30 hours of contact and 30 noncontact hours). Participation in workshops and retreats can be applied toward the tantra instruction hours.