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Self Love

Self Love

When the energy centers within the body begin to open in sacred and supportive space, one can become childlike…wide eyed, excited, quick to laugh, and also vulnerable.  This is the pure state one is in before experiencing any stress or trauma.  After this rebirthing of your true identity, it is time to reparent in a way that supports one’s true purpose to thrive.

Many of us, as very young children, were either not protected, abused, or raised to behave in ways the culture finds appropriate.  These lessons about how to be, come from our peers, schools, and family members.

For example, when I was 5 years old, I clearly remember saying out loud, “I hate money and clothes.”  It was because, I had been told more than once to put on clothes or that I couldn’t do something because we did not have the money.  This is one of the first memories I have of my spirit being shut down…when my light started to dim.  Somehow maintaining a semblance of inner power after a very disempowering childhood, I spent much of my adult life getting very little use out of a bathing suit and ensuring there was always enough money to support my true nature to thrive.

When we are not protected or supported, body parts contract around emotions.  This is the bodies’ way of protecting itself from harm.   Notice when you become activated by someone else’s actions….When you feel hurt… Notice where that shows up in your body and how your body responds.  Shoulders rolled forward, protecting the heart chakra, can result from grief or love loss. Intestinal problems, second chakra, can become chronic because of fear or trauma.  Shortness of breath is very common in this culture because many are in a chronic state of fear….of loss of job or not being good enough.  Sexual abuse often shows up in the first and second chakras as a lack of feeling in the pelvis.  These are just a few of the more common symptoms I see among clients that have resulted from feeling  unsupported or not protected for being themselves.  Those who are already practicing yoga, may be getting glimpses of your true nature and are nurturing it to thrive.

The body naturally wants to protect itself.  Our inner spirit is strong and it wants to survive.  So how does one protect their soul to thrive as an adult?  By “reparenting” oneself in a healthy way that does not cause unhealthy contractions in the body. With Self Love.

Acknowledge your body as your temple…

You are what you eat.  How many times have we heard this expression? Perhaps so much so that it is ignored?  This expression is so true, that it even goes beyond food and includes the energy that goes into the food preparation.  For example, how well the farmers and land are treated, the ethics of the store in which it was purchased, the attitude of the cook and the atmosphere in the restaurant where it is being served.

Eat local and organic foods as much as possible.  Start by purchasing organic produce that, when conventionally grown, is known to contain the most pesticide residue, like apples and potatoes.  I have been eating organic since I was 19 years old, putting myself through college and as a single mother.  It is possible and should be one’s top priority in order to experience overall health and wellbeing.  Food is fuel and it’s byproducts, like pesticide residue, just add to the bodies’ work load.  Food raised in monoculture settings does not provide the same vitality.  Food shipped from afar, loses it’s nutritional value over time.  We are also learning of the lack of nutrition in genetically modified foods, which are now heavily present in the average supermarket and restaurant.  Feed yourself organic and local foods.  You will feel the difference.  You are worth it!  When we make health a priority, the money to buy organic and local shows itself.  One summer, one of my students gave me the extra produce from his garden each week after class.  I saved about $20 a week as a result of his seva (selfless service).  When it’s needed and you are doing your best, the Universe provides.

Place your body in healthy situations.  Share your precious time with people who are on the same path.  Those who avoid putting poison in their body, like cigarettes, excessive alcohol, toxic foods or drugs.  Those who get adequate sleep, and who are also surrounded by healthy friends and colleagues.  Choose to work and socialize in settings where people are communicating in healthy ways.  Acknowledge that we are all in different places on this path, but also recognize those who are committed to creating a healthy and supportive lifestyle.  They are out there and growing in numbers.  It takes some discipline to say “no” to situations that do not serve your true purpose.  There may be periods of loneliness or transition until you find the right friends and create a supportive work environment.  You will be admired for  the clear communication used to create a healthy environment where you can thrive.

Connect with nature everyday.  We are a part of the Earth and she keeps us in a natural rhythm.  This natural rhythm is essential for maintaining optimal health, and remaining grounded and connected to yourself.  Remaining grounded and connected to Self will help you to maintain this state in a consistent way, rather than wavering between who you are and who you are expected to be.

I know there are some readers who don’t consider themselves the nature type.  Find a way to do it that is comfortable for you.  Fill your home and office with plants and flowers.  Let your skin be immersed in ocean or spring fed water.  Let your bare feet touch the Earth at the beach or in a garden.  In the winter, take walks in the snow.  The snow is part of the Earth’s atmosphere and you will make a connection.   Live in places where the air is clean.  It’s all a choice.  Those who choose to live in big polluted cities for the money or other reasons, know what I am talking about.  They stay with us in Maine every summer for the fresh air.  It’s a trade off and many are finding ways to create the balance of money earning, responsibilities to others, and health in their lives.  It is possible.

Although it has become easy, and even a job requirement, to stay up to date with technology, do your best not to let it consume you.   Practice maintaining your natural rhythm as technology, and all its layers, call you to speed up.  Notice your breath, your posture.  Come into a comfortable upright position and breathe easily and naturally while completing your tasks.  Take breaks to stretch, move, soak up sun and fresh air.  See how much you can decrease your use of technology and maintain your natural rhythm.

These are just a few of the most important, ways to begin creating a safe and supportive container for your True Self to thrive.

author: Prana Regina Barrett 

The Power of Pleasure by Sylvia Brallier

Pleasure is a great touch stone of where to head in your life. If you think about it, it’s pretty obvious. If what you are doing is causing you pain, making you stressed out, bringing up loads of frustration, perhaps you are off track. If what you are doing is making you feel good physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, you are more likely to be on the right track. I believe it is very important for individuals to find there proper direction in life by using their passion as the compass. Life is too short to not do the things you love!

Pleasure is available at any time. We have a choice to focus on the means to pleasure, or on the true goal, which is the pleasure itself. For example, “If I just had the car, the house, the girlfriend, the massage…. then I would be happy.” Pleasure is a living experience we can tap into at any time. We have an infinite capacity for pleasure, but in order to experience it, we have to focus on it by trimming the sails a turning the rudder so the experience of pleasure and happiness are what we are directing our attention to as often as we can. That way, every moment has pleasure in it, instead of only having that experience once a goal is reached. Focusing on the goal is like thinking about what the third course might taste like while you are eating.the first course. I am not saying we shouldn’t focus on goals, rather, when we squeeze the full enjoyment out of the present moment, all of life becomes more enjoyable.

Practicing gratitude is a great way to get pleasure. When we live life filled with gratitude, life is much more pleasure filled. What ever we focus on expands to fill our consciousness. It is the filter that we view life through. So put on your rose colored glasses, and get on the bus!

Back in the eighties, I became interested in Tantra as a means to transform consciousness regarding the sanctity of sexuality. Many of us have been inculturated to believe that sex and sexual pleasure is a sin. This just did not make sense to me. How could something that feels so good be bad? When I learned about Tantra, I was instantly enrolled, because it made sense to me that union brought a person closer to God, instead of farther away. I wanted to learn how to use pleasure as a means to enlightenment. I had the good fortune to connect with some serious yogic tantra practitioners, and began to study Kriya Tantra.  It is a fabulous yogic tantra form which uses the energy generated from sexuality for enlightenment. I love the idea (and the practice!) of a spiritual tradition which focuses on pleasure. I am now a Ipsalu Kriya yoga instructor, and get a lot of pleasure out of sharing these deep and effective techniques for enlightenment through pleasure with others.

Pleasure is your birthright as well as being a state of mind. I believe that we are here on Earth not only to accomplish good works, but to enjoy the beauty of our experience. The more natural joy and experiences of pleasure we can generate, the more beauty, joy and pleasure exists on this plane. Joy and pleasure are infectious. When we tap into our natural joy, it is possible to share that with others, spreading the power of positivity. That power of positivity helps to create a more beautiful reality for everyone.

Wishing you all unlimited joy and pleasure,


Sylvia Brallier

Personal Growth Catalyst

Tantra Lifestyle for Healing & Transformation

Since the late 1980s and into the 90s, when American sex educators such as  Annie Sprinkle and Margot Anand invited us to expand our awareness of sexuality, a new and explosive interest in Tantra has begun to surface. After a period  of separation and individuation, there appears to be a collective longing for more connection and intimacy in relationships. As people become more enlightened as a whole, heavily influenced by the yoga revolution, there is also a call, more specifically, for sacred and spiritual connections. People of all ages, genders and sexual orientations are feeling the need for a place to connect with their body, mind and spirit in community.

For those who are new to Tantra, it is a practice that combines movement, breath, meditation and sound to assist the energy system within the body to open. This opening allows dormant energy, also known as kundalini, to move from the pelvis, up the spine. As this life force energy moves up the spine, it helps one to transform and heal. This healing involves loosening constrictions within the body that develop throughout life. When the constrictions are loosened, one’s true identity is revealed. When one feels safe to be them self, one is happier and attracts easily. The expansion of the energy body also increases sensation, clairvoyance and one’s ability to connect with others.

Many are sampling Tantra in two hour or half day workshops. Those wanting a deeper learning experience attend extended retreats. What I have learned on my own tantra yoga path, and as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, is that these experiences alone are not enough to open the chakra system and free the kundalini energy. Opening the body to receive the kundalini energy requires transforming a lifetime of parental and societal messages that can cause contraction and holding within the body when one is not living their truth. The body, mind and spirit integrate these openings in the chakra system at a pace that is dependent on physical and emotional history and is unique for each individual. The body mind and spirit can only assimilate so much change at once. Consequently, a brief experience will provide a step in the right direction, but will not provide the purification necessary to run kundalini energy and have the tantra experience that many are seeking.

Attending workshops and retreats is an important first step toward exploring Tantra.  One way to deepen the experience is to develop a tantra lifestyle practice with a master teacher.  A practice that slowly allows one’s chakras to open and expand.  In doing so, the practitioner can discover his or her true essence, while fully supported and experiencing the gifts of Tantra. This is a gentle approach, so the body, mind and spirit have a chance to integrate the chakra openings. Transformation takes place, as well as life shifts: significant physical and emotional health improvements, new jobs, new or deeper partnerships, and moves to one’s dream location.  These are just some of the outcomes I have witnessed.

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