Are you needing emotional support right now?

Let Gina assist you using a palette of mind-body techniques such as:

She often suggests Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy for emotional healing. Transform blockages in your body and feel freer and lighter to move forward on your path. After a lifetime of spiritual practice and personal transformation, Gina has cultivated a special gift for creating a sacred container for transformation to unfold.

Rate: $150 per hour


“I feel expanded out of the experience of doing a session with you…plumbed to a very deep level, supported and honored in my experience. 
I felt lighter and elated when I left.” - 
Linza Douglas, LPC, Therapist

“Prana, I just wanted to say hi and to let you know that my shop is opening tomorrow. 
We have a lot of loose ends, but I am getting anxious to have the doors open. I want to say thank you. My sessions with you helped me climb out of the dark and I am now open to this new adventure I am on.” - 
artist & business owner, Portland, Maine