Deep tissue or Swedish massage with therapeutic yoga stretches and hot stone

Rates: $125, 90 minutes/  $85, 60 minutes

Essential Oil Treatment

This treatment includes an application of 10 of the most popular oils gently massaged into the back, along the spine and into the feet with foot reflexology for optimal health.  This treatment can be done by Gina or John Rene.

Rate: $75, 45 minutes

John Rene Berard BS, MBA, LMT, CYT

John Rene has been practicing massage for over 15 years. He received his certification from Amherst School of Massage in MA. John Rene is also a certified yoga instructor and has received ongoing mentoring with master massage and yoga therapists. He has created a unique blend of traditional massage techniques with therapeutic yoga stretches to offer you a comprehensive healing experience.  Hot stone can have a very grounding effect and can be added upon advanced request, as well as essential oils.


We use DoTerra Essential Oils and recommend using them to our clients. Email Gina to Order Your Own

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