Qigong for Energy Balance and Connection @ Symposium of Medical Qigong Taichi & Eastern Medicine

  • Eastover Estate & Retreat 430 East Street Lenox, MA USA
prana regina barrett qigong colorado

In her visionary book, Lighter: Living Tantra, Prana Regina Barrett shares a system that bridges Tantra Yoga and Qigong as lifestyle suggestions for being in a light energy body, transforming addiction, expanding into ones true purpose and nourishing connection during disconnected times.  Drawing from Taoist, Tantra Yoga and Shamanic practices, Gina orchestrates a workshop that will leave you feeling more grounded and connected to yourself and with others. 

Medically, Gina’s teachings address anxiety, addiction, the effects of EMFs and cell phone radiation, disconnection to nature, and depression and sexual challenges that arise due to lack of intimacy, connection and disconnection with oneself and nature.  These are all conditions that are chronic in today’s society.  Gina shares lifestyle suggestions that improve the foundation for overall wellness. 

In a playful and safe container, she will share simple and advanced movement and breathing techniques that you can share with your clients and patients.  No experience is necessary.  Modifications and options will be provided for all physical needs and experience levels.  After a solo practice, we will be creating a safe container for connection.  Your commitment to attending the entire workshop is appreciated.