Woman's Body Temple in California: Embody the Divine Feminine!

  • Scotts Valley, California 1440 Multiversity Scotts Valley, CA USA

Enter the Women’s Body Temple & access the powerful source of energy, self discovery and creativity available to you!  


Gather the life force energy from all around you to support reproductive health, sustain and nourish your energy and encourage sexual vitality and healing. 

  • Transform old wounds into compassion.
  • Rebirth a sexual life that serves your true purpose and highest potential.  
  • Celebrate, practice and receive support in a community of women of all ages.

Embrace your body temple with tantra yoga and qigong practices, breathing techniques, meditation and communication skills for nourishment and personal empowerment.  Share sacred ritual, ceremony and song to heal and connect as a community of women.  Embody the divine feminine balance of yin and yang and develop your ability to maintain this balance in your daily life. 

Tuition: $445, plus room, board and travel expenses