Couples Tantra Getaways
in South Central, Colorado!

Immerse yourself in the art of tantra and deepen the intimacy in your relationship or marriage. This is the perfect spot for your next romantic couples getaway. 

We can customize your retreat based on your relationship needs with:

Couples Tantra Getaway Package

We offer this tantra getaway package as an ideal couples experience:

  • 2 private couples tantra sessions per couple - 90 minutes each
  • 2 massages per couple - 60 minutes each
  • 2 phoenix rising yoga therapy sessions per couple - 75 minutes each
  • Package: $770 (does not include lodging) 

Custom Design Your Couples Tantra Getaway

You may choose among the following to create your custom couples retreat:

  • Private Couples Tantra Sessions - $175, 90 minutes
  • Massage - $150, 90 minutes; $85, 60 minutes
  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy - $150, 75 minutes

Want to read more?

Check out Gina's "Why Tantra?" article!

Scheduling Your Retreat

Contact us first to see if we are available for the dates you are choosing, then contact Palace Hotel or Joyful Journey to book a Suite.  When you reach the reservation desk, tell them you are booking a room for a TantratoLove™ Couples Getaway.  

We will give fully clothed healing arts sessions and tantra instruction in the living room section of your room.  Massages will be given in a professional manner with sheets and draping.  (We do not give sensual or sexual massages).  Our intention is to share the tantra as it was given to us, through spiritual practice and transformational healing.  We demonstrate sacred sexuality practices that improve sexual health and intimacy.



“We wanted to express our gratitude to both of you for what you shared with us and the space you created to allow deeper connection and flow of energy within ourselves and with each other. We’ve been operating from an elevated baseline of warm regard for one another and playfulness since the workshop. We attribute this directly to the deeper level of connectedness that was facilitated through your guidance and knowledge as well as your choice and sequencing of activities. I still remember my highlights of connectedness with Kim while I was there and we apparently are radiating that to others who have commented on it without knowing its genesis. Another added benefit we have noticed (besides the greater closeness we experienced) is we are less ‘bothered’ by things that used to annoy us in our daily lives. :) These things truly help to invigorate our lives, so we are blessed!!” - Kim and David, Couples Therapist and Social Work Educator, Albany, NY

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend. My wife said the weekend was “perfect” and she enjoyed the tantra session very much. It was the highlight of our weekend. You two did a very good job introducing it to us, and it helped us to connect more deeply than we had in a long while." - Couple, Boston area

“It is difficult to get healthy guidance on love and sex health. Sex is mostly for reproduction and stress relief.   In our teenage years, the romantic energy came naturally. Now, we are aware that we need to take responsibility to maintain our sex health. Having support between male and female energy to attain self-realization is revolutionary. The session helped us to get back to our sexual feelings. We both are creating sacred space and doing breathing exercises whenever we get a chance.” - Mahesh and Kaarthika, NJ

"The private Tantra Couples Retreat & additional Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions I did with you in Jamaica permanently changed my body’s responses to my wife’s touch and how we connect. It’s so much better. So, I’d love more time with you and Rene to learn more and deepen the experience. In a word, 'Yay!'" - GP, Massachusetts                

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