Gina Barrett, BS, MIA, E-RYT, CYT & John Rene Berard BS, MBA, C-IAYT, LMT

Gina and John Rene are a husband and wife team that have been sharing a Taoist & Yoga based tantra path for 20 years. They share private sessions, workshops, sacred unions, ceremonies, retreats, immersion programs and teacher trainings that include tantra practices, communication & intimacy building techniques in Crestone- Salida, Colorado and well known centers for yoga and health world wide. Individuals of all ages and sexual orientations are drawn to Gina and John Rene’s authentic and playful style, as well as their ability to assist individuals and couples with a wide range of relationship and sexual health concerns. Participants feel at ease within the safe and sacred container they create. Gina and John Rene have been sharing engaging workshops for 30 years. Gina is also the author of  Lighter: Living Tantra.

Gina Barrett, BS, MIA, E-RYT, C-IAYT 

Gina is the founder, lead tantra educator and yoga therapist at TantratoLove™ and author of Lighter. Living Tantra. Gina founded the Tantra to Love™ Lifestyle Immersion and 60 hr. Educotor Certification Program. She has created the podcast Self Love: Gentle and Restorative Asana Flows with Photos of Poses. Gina shares a tantra yoga and qigong path, while creating a safe container for physical and emotional transformation.

Gina has been facilitating playful, transformative and engaging workshops for 30 years. She and her husband John Rene Berard share a private practice and school called TantratoLove™, offering private sessions, workshops, sacred union ceremonies and retreats world wide.

Gina has assisted individuals with a variety of conditions from anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma to injuries, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cancer, arthritis, pre- and post-natal, peri-menopause, vertigo, multiple sclerosis, post polio and other structural conditions, paralysis, as well as those experiencing sexual concerns and challenges.

Gina spent her earlier years working in the environmental field as an educator, technical support specialist and eventually became a DEP consultant. Following this career, she has always owned her own yoga and retreat center. Maintaining basic Spanish fluency & holding a graduate degree in International Administration, Gina has lived in and shared her holistic health & consultant services in the U.S., Central America and Jamaica.

Gina gathered her holistic health skills by studying with the Masters of yoga, spiritual counseling, therapeutic movement, women’s empowerment, yoga therapy, meditation, tantra, shamanism, energy healing, raw food and nutrition, qigong & conscious communication. As a result of her own long term spiritual practice, she has been gifted clairvoyance and energy healing techniques. With such a diverse repertoire, she is able to assist a wide range of clients in clearing away what is masking their true calling and ability to access their Highest potential.

Her own journey with healing fibromyalgia and breast cancer has informed her work to be able to assist many to live healthful, joyful & energized lives.

This wealth of rich life experience and training allows her to easefully assist her clients in a variety of ways. In addition to her holistic health skills, she is also an expert marketer, manager and communicator and has helped many establish successful small businesses, such as artists, retail store owners, yoga studio owners and wellness providers. She has also assisted those working in corporate fields & management to advance, while maintaining a balanced life.

Gina shares Yoga Alliance Continuing Education trainings for yoga instructors world-wide on the topics of Tantra, Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga and Yoga Assists with Therapeutic Elements.

Gina is deeply committed to transmitting her wisdom about tantra, yoga, qigong, shamanism & emotional healing, so that all live satisfying lives.

May we all shine our light upon others, experiencing love, one authentic, truly joyful smile at a time.


“Gina has an exceptional gift to heal others through the use of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. She has the unique ability to transform mental constructs and remove negative energies that lodge themselves in one’s physical body. Gina’s expertise in Tantra practices and PRYT has helped me to integrate mind, body, soul, and spirit toward greater wholeness. Gina has helped me to heal old wounds from childhood trauma, practice forgiveness and compassion toward my sister, achieve greater intimacy with my husband, and gift me with the freedom to accept myself. Namaste, Gina!!!”

~ Lynn Hendsbee, LS


John Rene Berard, BS, MBA, LMT, C-IAYT 

John Rene practices therapeutic massage, shares Core Power yoga classes, as well as tantra practices with groups and couples, alongside his wife, Gina. Together, they share a Tantra to Love™ Lifestyle Immersion and 60 hr. Educator Certification Programcouples private sessions, workshops and retreats in the Crestone and Salida, Colorado area and world wide. Off the mat, John Rene enjoys living the Yoga as a project director in the Telecom Industry, and is often in training for extreme athletic challenges like marathons and triatholons. John Rene brings humor, sensitivity, intuition, love and excellent communication skills to all he shares.

John Rene has been an active participant and co-creator of men’s empowerment experiences, including men’s groups, sweat lodges, rites of passage for boys, vision quests and completed a men’s 9 month mythic warrior training. John Rene also has advanced training in Conscious Communication.